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                                                                     Picture:  Prasan
Divyadristi TV (Nepal): Prasan in music dot com hosting the Program of music and information technology

    Rhythm Brothers, a well known brothers among the fm tuners. They were popular among the young guys of Kathmandu, but with the expansion in the communication of Kantipur fm 96.1 , Rhythm Brothers are getting their fame in a wide field. They are famous not only in Kathmandu, but also in Dharan, Biratnagar, Hetauda, Pokhara, Itahari, and many eastern parts of Nepal. Rhythm Brothers are actually two brothers : Ashish ( elder one) and Prasan ( younger one).
    About five years ago, the guys came from Australia and get involved in Kantipur Fm when Kantipur fm was attached with the Radio Nepal, and most fm stations were working together. And Kantipur fm was the first to establish as first commercial fm station and a 24-hour-fm station. Due to the listeners and the audiences , rhythm brothers cant go away to Australia and continue their job in Kantipur fm. Now 5 years have passed and they are doing better than before. Since the programme comes twice a week; Wednesday and Friday ( 7-8pm), the listeners hope them everyday. another part of their fame and likeness in the listeners is that they receive a large number of emails, letters, which they can't do on air all of them.
   Since they are brothers, listeners say that they can't distinguish their voice when they are hosting the programme. Some say that but they have different style of talking which make them to distinguish which one is Ashish and which one is Prasan.
   Prasan also works in the Divyadristi Television as VJ in Programme "Dot Music Com" which comes every Saturday 9-9:30am. The programme presenter is Bhusan Dahal. Bhusan Dahal is an hard working person who is giving a lot of new media and contribution in the music field and also in communication field. It is sure that he was the first to introduce music videos that are liked by every people. Since then he is involved in new technologies and his work in the media is really a revolution in the music field and communication of Nepal.
  Keeping in mind the trend that is sweeping the minds of most youngsters, this is a program designed to suit the youth who are Internet savvy and would want to be informed about various websites that might interest them. Hosted by Prasan, one of the rhythm brothers of Kantipur FM, his switch from the radio to screen doesn't seem to have affected his style too much. He's as comfortable on camera as you would hear him on the radio. To complement the 'young' youth oriented program about websites is music videos to entertain you ala MTV